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Lynn Davy

Founder +

Chief Strategist

Lynn spent 10 years learning how to tell amazing stories at the Baltimore Sun, a newspaper made famous by its reputation for hard-hitting and reliable journalism


Since she left journalism, Lynn has worked in corporate, non-profit, and higher education environments in Washington, Baltimore, London, Paris, Brussels, and more recently, the beautiful Midwest. 


Lynn has Master's degrees in journalism and corporate communication strategy and management, as well as advanced education in brand marketing. She brings all of this experience to her clients so they can truly shine!

Lynn loves concise writing and a good tagline!

We position entrepreneurs and businesses as thought leaders in their industries, so that when the time is right, your customers will come to you.



Social Media Strategist

Leah is a social media pro with significant experience creating engaging content for clients in Iowa and beyond. Leah looks for ways to spotlight her clients' talents and works with them to brand their social media messaging.  

Leah is also the founder of The Abundant Parent and co-founder of Little Legacies, a nonprofit serving children at Tanager Place and other nonprofits nationally. She offers online workshops that help lessen the guilt and regret parents feel so they connect with their children in more meaningful ways, and mentors children facing serious illness, trauma and special needs through creative writing exercises. 

Leah wins the prize for biggest heart!

We're an open source agency   

As an open source agency, Laurel Content pulls in talent to fit the specific needs of every project we take on. What does this mean for you? It means that you get the best talent available for your specific marketing project, not just whoever's available from the home team. Our network of talent includes experts in graphic design, website design, brand image, digital marketing, and marketing technology. Believe us when we say, You won't be disappointed!

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